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Assface October; 3rd Birthday Party


let's shave our heads and declare it year 3

welcome to the third year of Assface
welcome to the three dimensions as well.

Up is down left is right.

3's... everywhere you look..

Assface is leaving the toddler years
and moving into pre-school age...
hand-painting, sandboxes, tying our own shoes,
and trying not to light everything on fire

bring presents..

Assface... Improv comedy that's physical, emotional, surreal, often existential, always hilarious. 
Makes you think, makes you feel, makes you laugh your assface off.

Assface is Allan TurnerChristopher L. HedrickTed LudzikDarin Joyce, and Rob Bullets Bartlett

with guest'faces Moniquea Marion

with sometimes'face Richard Mami-No Giizhik Comeau

and nose'face Luke Peters


Ezra does clown


Yitzi Gal and Cameron Algie's duo-troup

Later Event: October 23
Freshman at Night?